Thursday, 17 January 2013

It's snowing

In order to hang up the washing today I had to first scrape the frozen snow off the washing line. So far we have had a very mild winter – even for this country – but now as it gets colder spare a thought for those in fuel poverty. 

Even better sign up to the petition being publicised by Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion    This sends you through to a draft email to your MP asking them to sign EDM 47. The Early Day Motion calls on the government to use the money it makes from carbon taxes to properly fund a nationwide efficiency programme.

We are still one of the richest economies in the world with, generally, mild winters. Yet we have the annual scandal of more people dying of the cold then countries with far colder winters e.g. the Scandinavian countries. The main difference: poor building standards in the UK; high standards of insulation in Scandinavia. Using the carbon tax income to further reduce our production of carbon by insulating more homes is an elegant solution. Send you MP an email today.

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