Saturday, 17 November 2012

Oxygen deprivation kills my little grey cells

The person who manages to invent air conditioning for train carriages which actually works would be doing a great service to public health.

I have just finished another week of commuting to London in incredibly stuffy carriages. It’s not so bad in summer when you can open a window – that’s if you are lucky enough to travel in a train which actually has functioning windows. The worst are the ‘modern’ trains with sealed windows and supposed air conditioning – oh the headache by the time you get out at London Bridge.

I am sure the lack of oxygen is killing off my little grey cells which probably means its leading to early stage dementia.

Please, please Mr Dyson – or somebody – invent decent air conditioning for rail carriages?

Three Cheers for Chichester!

Congratulations to Chichester on achieving 20mph speed limits on all residential roads. What a campaign that must have been! A Public Consultation with 4,000 votes in favour of speed limits is impressive, as is managing to persuade every councillor on the South Chichester County Local Committee to vote in favour.

It’s hard to imagine that happening in Kent with its culture of car worship. Although it would be great if we could get 20mph limits in some of our towns. We are the most obese and most car dependant country in Europe. We desperately need safer roads so that people are encouraged to ditch the car and cycle or walk.

Top of my personal wish list for 20mph would be Tonbridge. Even introducing a lower speed limit would improve the experience of Tonbridge High Street and make it less noisy and polluted. People might even start to feel safe crossing the road.

I can just hear the howls of the ‘I want to drive fast and I don’t care about anyone’ else lobby.

Of course, long term the only possible answer for Tonbridge High Street is pedestrianisation – but try getting the local dinosaurs to accept that.