Saturday, 26 January 2013

And the PFI chickens come home to roost

Our local NHS Trust is facing the alternatives of bankruptcy or slashing services because of the enormous debt caused by our brand new PFI hospital:

The hospital, which was only opened in September 2011, already had too few beds when opened to cope with local demand. Add to that the lack of bus services to the new hospital in the middle of the countryside and the old Kent and Sussex hospital standing empty (and soon derelict) in the town centre and therefore much more convenient for patients and you have a typical Conservative disaster. Apparently we are all supposed to have cars and be able to drive to our ‘local’ hospital when ill or injured. How dare we require a decent bus service.

The Green Party has been flagging up for years that PFI is too expensive. It’s a no-brainer. Private finance is riskier than public debt so it costs more. Add to that civil servants not conversant with commercial sharp practices and you get PFI contracts which enrich the private sector at the expense of the public sector.

See more on Green Party policies on the NHS at:

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