Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Greenest government ever – finally showing its true colours

Will he won’t he? Cameron’s’ cabinet re-shuffle points towards a shift to the right of the political spectrum and yet more downgrading of the environment as a result. Getting rid of Justine Greening is a clear signal that he wants to proceed with the third runway at Heathrow. Greening was the main opponent in Government: although Boris isn’t too pleased that his pet project of an estuary airport is now in jeopardy. As Greens, of course, we wouldn’t  want either.

Zac Goldsmith, now a Tory MP, may have finally realised his mistake in abandoning us and joining the Tories. See his anguished article in the Guardian on a U-Turn on a third runway at Heathrow.

As a long term environmental campaigner, Zak’s article is well informed and well reasoned. He denies that we need any more capacity and proposes more rational use of the current capacity as well as reiterating well known Green Party policy that we need to encourage the shift from air travel to rail citing the high number of UK internal flights - all of which could be made by rail.

The one thing this government is unlikely to do is make the necessary investment in rail so that it can compete with aviation. Instead we have the most expensive rail fares in the world – and the South East has the highest fares in the country. 

See Kent Green party’s website on how rail fares have continued to rise in real terms under this Government whilst car journeys are subsidised from general taxation.

Hardly the polices of a ‘green’ government

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