Saturday, 15 September 2012

Goodbye nuclear power?

Finally, the world’s third biggest generator of nuclear power is shutting down its national programme. Following months of public consultation after the Fukushima nuclear accident, Japan has decided to shut down all of its 50 nuclear power reactors by 2040.

Japan will be investing heavily in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The two biggest German electricity companies, Eon and RWE , have said they will not be building any more nuclear reactors. They believe that renewables are the future of energy generation. Both Germany and Switzerland are committed to abandoning nuclear power.

See this report in the Guardian for more detail:

Unfortunately, the pro-nuclear lemmings are still arguing for more nuclear power stations despite the dangers. See Mark Lynas comment piece also in the Guardian
In the meantime Dungeness B reactor Kent has reduced power output due to a faulty stem valve (letter of 14th September 2012 from Dungeness Station Director)..Just another example 
of the inefficiency of nuclear power. Nuclear reactors often run at reduced capacity because of faults – major and minor. For really major problems they have to be shut down. Two nuclear reactors in Minnesota have just been shut down this week. See 

Reactors are also shut down regularly for fuel rod replacement.

When will this country finally realise that, with the best wind regime in Europe, we really don’t need nuclear power. Energy efficiency and renewables are capable of providing us with all the energy we need. We just need to take them seriously and invest now. If Germany can do it – so can we.

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  1. Record amount of wind power generated in the UK, 14th September 2012 See for more details on the 'fantastic four'. With proper investee in renewables, who needs nuclear?