Friday, 10 February 2012

The Greenest Olympics ever?

The country’s media is up in arms that the tickets for the Olympics are being printed in the US. They are arguing on narrow patriotic grounds that they should be printed in this country. True, that would be good for jobs and improve our economy and rout balance of payments – wonder why the Tories missed that one?
However, the main point is that we shouldn’t be air freighting vast quantities (16 tons) of tickets from that distance when there are several specialist printers who could have done the job in this country. 

Why not? Because of the carbon foot print. The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions rose by 3.1%i n 2010according to official figures: despite lower manufacturing output due to the recession. See this article in the Guardian:
If the carbon footprint of imported goods is taken into account our emissions have risen by 20%. We are exporting our carbon burden onto other countries. 

The real Green answer would have been to use a local firm i.e. a UK firm to print the tickets.

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