Friday, 31 October 2014

Who are buses really for?

The North East combined councils are applying to regulate bus services and introduce an oyster-style travel card for the region.

What a brilliant idea. We all know from our own experience that buses are too expensive. The East Coast train line has demonstrated that the public sector can run public transport better and cheaper than the private sector

The North East Green Party has welcomed the move and fully supports it

Long-standing Green Party policy states, "public transport [should be] designed and planned to create a user-friendly service, that is reliable, affordable, accessible, integrated with all other
sustainable modes and environmentally friendly. Public service, not private profit, must be the primary function of public transport."

So hooray for the North East Councils for not bowing to commercial pressure and actually doing something for the public good and please when can we have a similar scheme in the South East or South Central England?

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