Friday, 3 January 2014

The country that hates foreigners

So where are the floods of Rumanian and Bulgarian immigrants promised by David Cameron and other politicians? Keith Vaz MP could only find two new Rumanian immigrants entering the country via Luton airport on 1st January – and both had firm job offers.

Why would Rumanians, who mainly speak French not English, choose to come to this country in masses? The figures of Bulgarians and Rumanians already working in the UK show that this country is not an attractive destination for these workers. Approximately 141,000 Bulgarians and Rumanians already work in the UK, about 0.3% of the working population – hardly the threat to our jobs and working conditions that Labour claims

Worryingly, an e-petition to stop ‘mass migration of Bulgarians and Rumanians’ garnered over 100,000 signatures before it was closed.

Yet the impact of such immigrants on the labour forces is likely to be minimal. In fact immigrants are more likely to be working, less likely to have health problems and generally an asset to this country. See comments by Jonathon Potts and others here:

We even treat highly qualified immigrants who have a lot to offer as though they were a threat. The government’s declared aim is to attract the ‘brightest and best’ immigrants. Yet the restrictive policies and petty requirements for academics trying to get work visas in this country are leading to highly qualified international academics being forced to leave the country even when they have firm job offers  Read several haunting personal accounts here:

When did this country start to hate and fear immigrants so much? During World War 2 we were a safe haven for those fleeing danger, now we have become a  small minded fortress.

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