Friday, 8 March 2013

Tonbridge smells

Local residents are up in arms again about a sickly sweet smell wafting across the town. We already had a campaign about this back in 2011 when our local Environmental Health officers asked people to keep ‘smell diaries’ so they could compare them against activity at the local business which was the most obvious suspect: Drytech. Amongst other things, Drytech produce aromatics for foodstuffs.

The officers claimed there was no evidence that the smalls correlated with anything Drytech were doing. So I made a Freedom of Information request for the data. Guess what? It was refused on the grounds for commercial confidentiality. So, the only company manufacturing and testing aromatics is, apparently, not responsible for an artificial smell making life difficult for local residents. This despite the fact that, under section 79 Environmental Protection Act 1990 councils have a positive duty to inspect their local area to identify probable nuisance and deal with it.

Twitter and facebook are alive with the sound of Tonbridge people’s jaws dropping. Have a look at

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