Sunday, 21 October 2012

White poppies are for peace

Remembrance Day draws near and soon many people will be wearing red poppies in remembrance of those killed in war. There is an alternative symbol which still mourns for the appalling loss of life caused by war but also contains a message of hope: the white poppy.

The white poppy is now produced by the Peace Pledge Union and aims to promote debate on alternatives to war. It is a symbol of grief for everyone harmed by war and a reminder of our inability to prevent war world wide. It represents a commitment to work for a world where conflicts are resolved without violence and with justice.

If you believe that war is not inevitable and that there are better ways to resolve conflicts then  wear your white poppy instead of the blood red poppy – or, as some people do, wear both together.

White poppies can be bought from the Peace Pledge Union at

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