Saturday, 5 May 2012

Tories just don’t get pedestrianisation

Our local paper, the Courier, has printed an eye-catching artist’s impression of what Tonbridge High Street could look life if it were pedestrianised. Residents who were shown the picture at the St George’s Day Parade earlier this month were impressed: our Councillors, interviewed by the newspaper, not so much.
There is a complete lack of any vision or forward thinking at Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council.
Pedestrianisation would –
  • Make the High Street more attractive and encourage more people to stroll along it
  • Increase footfall for local traders
  • Enable the Council to put the Saturday Market and the Famers’ Market in the town centre where they belong
  • Allow a cafe culture to be created on the High Street
  • Create a real buzz of excitement and community spirit
Short journeys by car in particular to town centres have lots of disadvantages including high fuel use. See the Green choices web site for more:

Walking is good for your health. Amongst other things it can reduce blood pressure and help protect against diabetes. See the walkit web site for more:

But Tory councillors in Tonbridge and Malling just don’t get it. They would rather continue to worship the car.

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