Saturday, 7 January 2012

How to bring people together and solve a housing crisis

Do you have an elderly relative who is having trouble getting about like they used to? Not really able to keep the place clean, cook or shop for themselves anymore? Here is a possible solution. There is a brilliant charity which marries solutions to two problems at once. A charity in North London, Homeshare, pairs elderly people who are having trouble coping with everyday tasks with younger people who need cheap accommodation in expensive areas. The home owner gets live in support form someone who is prepared to help with everyday household jobs as well as helping with shopping and other outings. They also provide companionship and the added security of having another person in the house. What does the ‘lodger’ get in return? They get to rent a room at a low rent in a desirable high cost area where they could otherwise not hope to be able to afford to live. They get companionship and extra security too and they get a learning experience. West Kent is an expensive place to live – perhaps we should suggest a Homeshare for this area?


  1. This is a really good idea. Gardenshare schemes are good too. More info at:

  2. Yes, Gardenshare has also been used in university towns.

    A project at the University of Bath aims to provide garden space in neglected student gardens for local residents to use for vegetable growing. See the web site below for more details.