Monday, 12 December 2011

Pedestrianise Tonbridge High Street

I handed out PATHS leaflets at the Farmers’ Market yesterday, Sunday. PATHS stands for Pedestrianise Action for Tonbridge High Street – a new campaign group. The High Street has very heavy traffic and is unpleasant for walking: which is why most people who live in Tonbridge use alternative footpaths instead.
Air pollution in the lower High Street is above permitted levels so it is an Air Quality Management Area. This means the Council is legally obliged to have an Air Quality Management Plan. It has, but most of what the plan says is that the Council will monitor air quality and talk to Kent Highways - not very proactive and not very effective.
The only measure mentioned to reduce traffic is to realign a roundabout. They claim they have already done this but we can’t see any difference. It certainly hasn’t reduced traffic. Now our proposal – to pedestrianise the lower High Street – would definitely reduce traffic.
Tonbridge is the only town of any size in Kent which doesn’t have pedestrianisation. We think it’s about time it did. Please do sign the online petition at

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